and I was only falling in love
 gallery installation, Elzay Gallery of Art, Ada, Ohio, Spring 2017
  oh my love      Over the summer of 2015 I photographed obsessively throughout Florence and, more specifically, the Boboli Gardens, using my YashiKa mat 124g.  At the time I was not focused on what the work was about.  I was simply exploring my love, the city of Florence and the great garden within her, in my favorite way--with my camera.  But upon leaving Florence and carefully printing these images, I began to see that the work I had made was much more than an homage to my great love.  I was once told that every photograph is a self portrait.    Her body is  is then my most honest self portrait- a view of how Florence has held me, and how I hold her.    Her body is  is available in book form  here .
  I know where you go    Toffia, Italy, 2015  Created over the summer of 2015,  The Becoming.  explores how identities, histories, memories, and dreamings are embedded within a landscape and how the body activates, reads, and interprets all that is contained within a place, through an examination of my own personal relationship with Italy, my second home for the past seven years.     The book of  The Becoming  .  is available to be purchased  here .