Transference: Eight Months of Daily Skies    2012-2013  oil on canvas, graphite, clips, pins  In a letter to his brothers, written on December 22, 1817, John Keats explained a theory he termed Negative Capability: “I mean Negative Capability, that is, when a man is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason”. Keats was speaking about the artist when he spoke of Negative Capability-the artists ability to let go of the self and be completely absorbed by his inspiration, by his subject, by beauty. As he put it, “Beauty overcomes every other consideration, or rather obliterates all consideration”. If we can possess negative capability, if we can be open enough to the world around us, beauty can take over and we can experience momentarily the transcendent.   I am working to possess negative capability through the act of painting the sky every day. I take the time to look upward and see, stepping away from aimless movement through my life. I carefully watch the heavens; watch the subtle movements of light and cloud outside of my studio. I see where the light that can illuminate so much beauty for me originates. By creating a structure for myself, a daily ritual of seeing, I have begun to push away the fog that can cloud my vision.    
  "Our chimera's are most like us" part 7   oil on board  36" x 36"  2013     "Our chimeras are most like us. Each of us dreams the unknown and the impossible according to his own nature." -Victor Hugo  This body of work, titled  And now I am slowly reading , is concerned with the post-limen.  Painted abstractions of the sky function as invitations to find moments of stillness in fields of subtle movement.   “…and in the end he had come to look at hardly anything but the sky, the only thing that truth can see from the bottom of her well,” Victor Hugo explains of Marius in  Les Miserables . In staring at the sky each day, Marius had come to a state of stillness, which opened him up not only to beauty, but to his own dreaming. As I gaze into the heavens daily, I find myself both simultaneously more aware of the beauty around me, but also purely engaged with the experience of my own dreaming. These paintings are as much about connecting with the outside world as connecting with my interior. So while being evidence of the eternal, the work is also evidence of my own constant searching and constant dreaming.