Emily Jay is an artist, educator, and curator who lives and works in Northwest Ohio (albeit with frequent jaunts to Italy).  She has exhibited internationally, and currently teaches Photography, Art History, and Visual Literacy at Ohio Northern University.  She helps run The Neon Heater Art Gallery in Findlay, Ohio. 

Humans are meaning makers, and this meaning we search for is continually shifting.  As our understanding of our present evolves, so too does our understanding of the past and the places we inhabit. As we move through and invest in spaces we activate and understand their histories, as well as our own history, in accordance to what our present demands. I see the body as a reflective ground where ideas, fears, identities, dreamings, and stories are also constantly being arranged, negotiated, and reevaluated. To recognize and participate in this framing of life is to be in an expansive but vulnerable position. My practice is, ultimately, a search for a pause in this unending movement. I am always attempting to create a space-be it visual or physical- where one might be able to step back and observe this stream of constant becoming.




2013              Master of Fine Arts, 2D Art, Bowling Green State University

2010              Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studio Art, Ohio Northern University




Lecturer in Art, Photography and Communication, Advanced Photography and Communication, Visual Literacy, Art History 1 and 2, Ohio Northern University, Ada, Ohio


Teaching Assistant, Black and White Photo I-III, Color Photography, Digital Multimedia, Studio Art Centers International, Florence, Italy


Instructor of Record, Drawing Workshop, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio




And then one day you rose over the horizon and I finally saw you, Collaboration with Ian Breidenbach, Riley Photography Gallery, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana (see the show here!)

Lacuna, Elzay Gallery of Art, Ada, Ohio

ImageOHIO 17, Regional Juried Exhibition, Fort Hayes Shot Tower Gallery, Columbus, Ohio


Vestige, solo show, Grace Albrecht Art Gallery, Bluffton, Ohio (see the show here!)

ōrō, site-specific installation, Ålvik, Norway, 2016

Her Body Is, solo show, The Neon Heater Art Gallery, Findlay, Ohio (see the show here!)

39th Annual Photography Exhibit, Wassenburg Art Center, Van Wert, Ohio


Macroscope, International Juried Exhibition, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio

ArtSpace/Lima Spring Show Regional Juried Exhibition, Artspace/Lima Gallery, Lima, Ohio

Open Studios Residency preview of Procession, two-part site-specific
installation comprised of Polaroid prints and dried flowers, and silver gelatin
prints inserted into the Medieval walls of Toffia. 33 Officina Creativa, Toffia, Italy


I dream of all things, solo show, Elzay Gallery, Ada, Ohio

Professoriate, Invitational exhibition, Artspace/Lima Gallery, Lima, Ohio

Overture III, Regional Juried Exhibition, LeSo Gallery, Toledo, Ohio

Antoine: I dream of all things, solo show. Jules Maidoff Palazzo for the Visual
Arts, Florence, Italy

The Swell Series, National Juried Exhibition, Grin Gallery, Providence, Rhode Island


Self | Portrait, group exhibition co-curated with Radha Tague, Christina Gednalske, and Jon Verney, Robert F. Kennedy Center Europe, Florence, Italy

Transference, MFA Thesis Exhibition, Dorothy Uber Bryan Gallery, Bowling Green, Ohio




ArtSpace/Lima Photography Club Award, Artspace/Lima, Lima, Ohio


SACI Teaching Assistantship, Photo/Media Department, Studio Art Centers
International, Florence, Italy

The Marilyn Singleton/Medici Circle Graduate Leadership Award, Bowling
Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio


Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Bowling Green State University, Bowling
Green, Ohio


Graduate Assistantship, Print shop technician, Bowling Green State University,
Bowling Green, Ohio

Painting Award, Artspace Lima Spring Juried Show, Lima, Ohio.



2018     Artist in residence for the month of June at 33 Creativa Officina, Toffia, Italy (upcoming)

2016     Artist in residence for the months of July and August at Art House Messen, Ålvik, Norway

2015     Artist in residence for the month of June at 33 Creativa Officina, Toffia, Italy

2010     Artist in residence for the month of November at Florence Workshops, Florence, Italy