Emily Jay is an artist, educator, and curator who lives and works in Northwest Ohio (albeit with frequent jaunts to Italy).  She has exhibited internationally, and currently teaches Photography, Art History, and Visual Literacy at Ohio Northern University.  She helps run The Neon Heater Art Gallery in Findlay, Ohio.

Rooted in an interest in gender theory, the history of ornamental gardening, and ritual studies, my practice makes use of landscape as a reflective mirror for processing experiences of negation and reassertion. By rooting the female form in historical contexts, I work to make visible what is so often invisible: the imperceptible structures that dictate understandings of self, the familial and cultural threads that guide movements, and the ways that larger histories have controlled personal narratives. Using both analogue and digital photographic methods, installation, poetry, and book making, my process seeks to create a pause where one can step back to observe the force of these threads on the meaning we all seek.  



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