gallery installation, Elzay Gallery of Art, Ada, Ohio, Spring 2017
 The mountain of gardens you gave me/they were not what they seemed  I woke up one morning and and decided to pick a mountain of roses, which I then proceeded to eat.  Ålvik, Norway, 2016    
 (and let my darkness become trees)
 altar(ity) in the woods   (it's just a nod to)
 Procession part 1  Site-specific installation composed of hundreds of silver gelatin prints inserted into the medieval walls of Toffia, Italy, June 2015.  pro•ces•sion  n.    1. the act of moving along or proceeding in orderly succession or in a formal and ceremonious manner.  2. a line or body of persons, vehicles, etc., moving along in such a manner.  3. the act of coming forth from a source.  Our dreams come forth from us like invisible cords and spread into the spaces we inhabit and the landscape that surrounds us.  We follow these lines of our dreaming as we move forward, through space and through time.  In this work I follow the lines of my own dreaming spread throughout Toffia, how these threads have woven into the spaces of the city, and settled next to others’ dreamings.  Small silver gelatin prints, the physical remnants of my own dreams, were spilled out and settled into the structures of the city as offerings, additions, to what the spaces already contained. 
 For two weeks in July of 2015 I routinely went into the Fotoautomatica booths scattered throughout Florence and performed my daily dressing and make up ritual.  The resulting images, which I then turned into a video, document my daily practice of self cultivation.  This work examines how the performance of my identity (and gender) is tied, in a great many ways, to the city of Florence.      The sound piece that accompanies the film is created from sounds I collected throughout the city and a recording of me reading Barbara Ess' "Tell Us Something About Yourself".