We humans are meaning makers, but this meaning we search for is continually shifting. As our understanding of our present evolves so too does our understanding of the past and the places we inhabit.  As we move through and invest ourselves in places we activate and understand their histories, as well as our own history, in accordance to what our present demands. I see the body as a reflective ground, a place where ideas, fears, identities, dreamings, and histories are constantly being arranged, negotiated, and played with. To recognize and participate in the framing of life, this creation of meaning, is to be in an expansive but vulnerable position.  This edge is what my practice sits upon and pays homage to. Using photography, installation, gesture, and performance, I attempt to see if there can ever be found a comfortable understanding of self in all of this unending movement. 



For inquires, prices, etc:  em.e.jay@gmail.com